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Filters for Clean Water

It’s estimated that about 1,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from water-related diseases. Your gift can provide access to safe drinking water, proper hygiene, and sanitation, simply by providing filters to treat dirty water, eliminating the infectious materials and insect breeding that cause waterborne diseases including Malaria, Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Cholera, Guinea Worm, Ebola, and more.

Your gift will also provide other ingenious life-saving water purification devices including Life Sack, Ceramic Water Filters, Life Straw, and more.

Thank you for saving lives by giving access to clean water!

Maximize your impact by choosing to give monthly or annually!

Help us continue to support impoverished children, in the communities we serve around the globe that deserve a quality education. Your gift will help provide a pathway out of poverty.

Education for Children

Our Commitment

Your gift is an expression of your trust in Global Children’s Fund. We honor your trust and generosity by promising to use your donations in the places, and for the people that need it most. The Gift Catalog shows the various Global Children’s Fund project options available to support and indicates the gift category associated. All donations made within a gift category will be used to assist the most crucial needs within that gift category. When you give to Global Children’s Fund you can be assured your donation is being used in the most effective ways possible, ensuring it truly benefits the individuals and communities we serve around the world.

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