Victor Amoako


Victor Amoako


October 31, 2018



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$35 Monthly
Victor Amoako / Sponsor Me

Name: Victor Amoako

Date of Birth: October 31, 2018

Name of Father: Vivian Akosuavi

Father’s Occupation: ----

Name of Mother: Fred Amoako

Mother’s Occupation: ----

Relation of Child to Guardian: Rebecca Abrah

Guardian Occupation: Farming

Relation of Child to Guardian: Grandmother

Child Number of Siblings: None

Name of School: Omaboryor Pre-School


Beneficiary Profile

Victor Amoako is a young boy from Ghana. His mother is a student and does not have enough time for him. His father left him when he was born. Because of these circumstances, Victor is left in the care of his grandmother who is a poor farmer.

He needs some clothes and some funds for food. Victor is in dire need of support. Your sponsorship would provide him with regular balanced meals, clothing, and access to early education and health insurance. Having access to reliable nutrition is the first component of a child’s overall health and development. The next step to ensuring a strong foundation for Victor is his enrollment in early intervention programs and school. By sponsoring Victor, you provide the security and support that lays the critical groundwork for his success and happiness in the future. Thank you for your support!

What does my $35a month do?

Your monthly gift provides access to the essentials of basic health, nutrition, education, and programmed interventions. The hope this brings not only impacts a child and his or her family but also changes the outlook for their communities.

How does sponsorship work?


Most Common FAQs for Sponsorship

Does my monthly $35 go directly to a child’s family?

Global Children’s Fund believes in the power of partnership. The money you give has a direct impact on the child you sponsor and is distributed through our local-global partners and Country Coordinators. This ensures the child receives your support entirely through locally specified programs and interventions as opposed to monetarily

How long is must I commit to sponsorship?

Sponsorship is about a commitment to building a relationship, for as long as you are able. The length of that relationship plays an integral part in a child’s growth and development, both socially, academically, and emotionally. Your ongoing commitment to sponsorship allows you to witness your impact as it grows exponentially over time. You get to see firsthand the difference your sponsorship makes on a child becoming self-sufficient, and communities finding solutions out of poverty that is sustainable.

Can others choose to sponsor the child I selected?

Sponsorship is a trusting relationship forged between one generous donor and one vulnerable child. While anyone may choose to sponsor more than one child, each child is only matched with one sponsor. This allows you to get to know each other personally through update letters and photos.

What you receive when you sponsor a child?

• Global Children’s Fund Welcome Kit, including child details and information
• Your first letter from your sponsored child
• Photos of your child
• Quarterly progress reports, and annual community updates

What does your sponsored child receive?

• Access to quality education, basic medical care, and clean water
• Security and safety from exploitation and abandonment
• Community inclusion and the ability to participate in local programs and interventions
• Ongoing progress monitoring by local Country Coordinators
• Encouragement and hope through kind letters and photos shared by you, their sponsor
• A brand new outlook on life, with confidence in themselves and their future

Victor Amoako


Victor Amoako


October 31, 2018



Sponsor Me

$35 Monthly

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